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Ford Ranger MK3.5 T6 3.2 TDCi (200PS)

9/2015 onwards
Engine type : Turbo-Diesel
Engine size : 3196 cm3
Engine code : EURO 5 & 6
Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.
Horse Power197 bhp36 bhp
Torque470 nm89 nm

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Before a bluefin can be used on this model, the ECU must be "bluefin enabled"

The vehicle's ECU will need to be removed, opened, reprogrammed and refitted, which will then allow us to communicate with the vehicle through its onboard diagnostic port. This process is done with specialist equipment at one of the Superchips dealers listed, from whom you buy the bluefin at the same time.

The process is not detectable diagnostically by the servicing dealer.

The RRP of this procedure is £60 inc. VAT, although regional variations may apply.

bluefin is available for your
Ford Ranger

Before a bluefin can be used on this model, the ECU must be "bluefin enabled." This is a process that has to be carried out with specialist equipment at one of the Superchips dealers listed, from whom you buy the bluefin at the same time.

Bluefin Information

Retail Price: £399
Offer Price: £332**UK prices inc. VAT

To have a Superchips remap installed

simply locate a dealer of your choice and contact them to book an appointment.

Andrew C
Merseyside, UK

6th March, 2013
The results.... breath taking. It pulls like never before, it is more smoother through the rev range due to the increase in BHP and Torque. yes it is much faster, but thats not whats its all about   read more...

Ford H
Hertfordshire, U.K

26th May, 2016
In a word, wow! My Audi A3 SLine 2.0 TDI 184ps is now more like a 220ps. Ok so the gain on a high end model is not as noticeable in terms of a major power gain, however the responsiveness is massively improved. Most noticeable is the torque gain. The power seems to come in at around 1900rpm when before it was more like 2100rpm. The torque also seems to stay there a little longer than before. This results in a smoother drive at lower speeds while giving more Kick under heavy acceleration. Throttle response is also improved noticeably. Mpg is improved a little though I have quite a heavy foot! Under a lighter foot on long journeys it's a couple of mpg better. Well done blufin! Just need a rolling road test to prove it now :-)

Richard H

9th October, 2014
I have the Bluefin remap now in my Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 100PS Titanium and after a week have noticed how much smoother the car is running. The increase in power/torque is subtle but obvious, particularly in second and third gear. This is good for overtaking and for getting out of a potentially dangerous situation on a dual carriage/motorway. I am no "boy racer" (!) (65 years old) but first impressions are very good. Many thanks.

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