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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ED4 (150PS)

6/2011 - 6/2015

Engine type : Turbo-Diesel
Engine size : 2179 cm3
Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.
Horse Power148 bhp48 bhp
Torque380 nm89 nm

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Jeff B
Kent, UK

6th June, 2016
I have treated my 120d 177bhp to a Bluefin remap and K&N filter. All I can say is wow! what a transformation. Mid range acceleration is unbelievable. It's no slouch away from the lights either, raised a few eyebrows from more "sports oriented" car drivers. The biggest plus was an improvement in mpg as well. A recent run from London to Southampton returned 48mpg. Thanks very much. Will certainly use you again and thoroughly recommend Superchips.

Julian H
Kent, U.K

2nd February, 2018
Just wanted to thank your team for all the work they did with Angus Furneaux and his team at KAP Tuning (KAP Motor Group) in Canterbury just before Christmas 11 December.
Really happy with the time you all spent doing such a brilliant job on my XC60 D5 (old model but brand new) 220 bhp taking it up from an actual measured 229bhp (168KW to 179KW) 243bhp - . Really impressed by how you all worked together to get me the best possible result - not a huge increase but make a difference. The car purrs along. OK - it was good before but you smoothed out the lower revs especially. Pulls much better from 1200 and consequently gives a lot more power at under 2000. At 2000 revs pulls away even stronger, especially if the gears are dropped and (in Germany of course) reached well over 100mph very quickly and effortlessly at 3000 revs from a quick push on the accelerator from doing 2000 revs at 70mph. Took it up to 120mph - smooth and more to go.

I finally retired my old Volvo XC70 D5 that had a chip from you fitted in 2003 to take it from 170 bhp up to 200 bhp.and has now done just over 500,000 miles! It always impressed the mechanics at Volvo who took it for a test drive and came back with a quizzical smile saying - wow - this V70 really shifts.

Well even more pleased by the extra performance and smoothness that you have given to my XC60. Many thanks

Nick C
Anglesey Wales

19th April, 2018
Just installed my bluefin remap on my 150PS EURO 6 Mondeo. Done very few miles with it, but never had so big a smile of my face after getting out of the car! 52bhp and 100Nm extra, makes the power delivery absolutely perfect, wish I'd done it sooner. Hopefully a few more mpg's but wouldn't matter of it didn't gain anything, the drive is worth it. Will definitely be recommending friends to get it done too!

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