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In terms of the improvement it makes to your vehicle, there is no difference at all. The actual software / remap installed is identical either way, whether you visit a Superchips dealer to have it installed or do it yourself using a Bluefin handset.

Please look up the details of your car in the drop-down menus on the homepage. If you find that your car is not listed, please ask us as we always have a lot of new applications in development.

In most cases, no. Some manufacturers can tell that something has changed, but not necessarily what. If and when you need to return your vehicle back to the original remap, you will need to do one of the following, depending on your purchase. If a remap was installed by a Superchips dealer, you will need to take the vehicle back to them to have it returned to original; or if you have a Bluefin, just plug it into the OBD Port and put the vehicle back to original.

If a dealer overwrites your vehicle's ECU, we can supply a new remap for 50% of the original install price paid. Unfortunately however, if this involves removing the ECU, we no longer offer this service. If a new file needs to be written then the price will be that of the new map file.

No your driver modes such as ECO, NORMAL, SPORT/DYNAMIC they are all just that driver settings. This are adjustment setup by the manufacturer to give you on the fly adjustment to your driving experience, for instance ECO mode will only give 60%throttle to the engine when your foot is full down and steering gearbox will feel relaxed and soft, then in SPORT/DYNAMIC mode the throttle will be around 90% when your foot is only halfway down and again the steering and gearbox will be much sharper. That being said your engines ecu file remains unaffected in any mode and as such you will have more power in ECO mode the system will just adjust to make you still feel the same relaxed driving experience.

In short no not really and this is due to the fact 99% of all modern DCT/DSG technology gearboxes are so advanced that they far exceed that of the manual counterparts. Aside from this the gearboxes’ own computer will analyse the power and torque coming from the engine ecu and adapt to cover the added power, a gearbox remap is only really advised after stage 2 and after stage 3 it is advised to look at upgrading the clutch packs in the gearbox. Once a stage 1 engine remap is performed the gearbox will self adapt change gear smoother and feel more direct purely due to the engine upgrade.

Yes 99% of all modern day vehicles now produced are well below there tolerance and due to mass production and keeping costs low manufacturers now use one or two engine types across the range, for instance BMW 320/325/330 are now all a 2.0t 4cylinder engine with few differences mainly turbo size and a manufacturer remap, so at stage 1 and 2 you are just unleashing the hidden performance safe within the tolerances of the standard engine.

Unfortunately not , due to the engine needing to flow more air and fuel it would not be safe to push the engine harder with out the relevant upgrades, there is many differences that ‘look the same’ for instance ford focus ST and RS model both have the same running gear but a RS stage 1 will be much faster than a ST stage 1 and this is mainly down the minor differences between the two i.e. turbo and injectors, therefore the engine is capable but the parts around it need changing to benefit from the stage 2 software.

Yes it is strongly advised that you should be using higher quality fuels once having your engine optimised, its not an old wife’s tale the better quality fuel actually helps with the ignition cycle and the combustion process, poor quality fuels with lower RON rating will induce Knock/ pre-detonation this is bad but can sometimes be cured with using the right fuel and good servicing walnut blasting is a worse case fix. In easy terms its like a human trying to run a marathon drinking river water for a while you will be ok but as the time goes by you will start to get sick, well engines work the same, put in good fuel and you will get great results.

It is possible to use the Bluefin again on your next vehicle, where compatible. Please call or email us with:

  • The serial number of your Bluefin
  • Make, Model, Engine size, Fuel type and bhp/ hp of the new vehicle
And we will advise whether it is suitable for your new vehicle and the procedure and cost involved to make it work. We commonly refer to this as a 'Bluefin Reset'.

No, your Bluefin becomes tied to your car alone after remapping, it cannot be used to remap multiple vehicles at the same time.The Bluefin handset is simply a programming device designed to install our product, your remap.

In the case of a Bluefin Device, this Warranty only applies to the first vehicle remapped using a new Bluefin bought from Superchips Ltd. or an Approved Reseller. Bluefin Devices that have been reset, and those bought or used outside the United Kingdom, are not covered by this Warranty.

DPF and EGR delete remaps are available for vehicles that will not be used on public roads and highways. For more information please see the following link. New Government Rules For MOT

Yes, all our Superchips remaps are designed to remain legal and pass all current MOT emission tests.

Unfortunately we do not take back previous-generation Bluefins because we cannot re-sell them, and we cannot recycle the components because there is no carry-over to the current Bluefin. However, we will gladly dispose of your unwanted Bluefin responsibly.

Every situation is different, but if you have a turbo-diesel, in like-for-like use you should typically see an improvement in economy of up to 10%. We cannot make claims for potential economy improvements for petrol-engined vehicles, but in like-for-like use the economy should not be any worse.

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