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Volkswagen Polo V 1.2 TDI (75PS)

2010 - 6/2014

Engine type : Turbo-Diesel
Engine size : 1199 cm3
Engine code : CFWA
Your vehicle will be modified using Superchips EPC.
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Horse Power73 bhp14 bhp
Torque180 nm37 nm

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Superchips EPC for DIY installation

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Jeff B
Kent, UK

6th June, 2016
I have treated my 120d 177bhp to a Bluefin remap and K&N filter. All I can say is wow! what a transformation. Mid range acceleration is unbelievable. It's no slouch away from the lights either, raised a few eyebrows from more "sports oriented" car drivers. The biggest plus was an improvement in mpg as well. A recent run from London to Southampton returned 48mpg. Thanks very much. Will certainly use you again and thoroughly recommend Superchips.

Julian P
Hertfordshire, U.K

5th April, 2019
Just wanted to say after installing the Bluefin on my Mk 2 Tiguan 190ps R-Line the increase power brought the car to life, the acceleration when i need it is fantastic and when driving economically the MPG is a lot better all in all very happy with the purchase and would recommend to anyone.

David S
Kent, UK

26th August, 2015
I have just loaded the Bluefin map on my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 140 ps black edition and its night and day in terms of its point to point sprint performance. Third gear pulls from 18mph all the way up to 70mph. Easy to install and now looking forward many smiles of motoring. Thanks Superchip !

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From 2001 until 2012 Superchips Ltd, was the "Official Tuning Partner" for Volkswagen Racing UK. The role involved custom remapping of all of VW Racing UK's competing cars, to boost engine power and torque within the strictly defined limits of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. Our many years of testing and developing have enabled us to produce outstanding conversions for your road going vehicle.
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