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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 2.0 TSI GTI (220PS) STAGE2

4/2013 onwards

Engine type : Turbocharged Petrol
Engine size : 1984 cm3
Engine code : CHHB
Speed limiter removal on request,
for motorsport use only.
Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.
Horse Power216 bhp78 bhp
Torque350 nm115 nm

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The Stage 2 software developed for the MK7 GTi not only significantly increases performance gains, it removes the CEL (Check Engine Light) activated by catalyst efficiency error codes caused by SPORT CAT or CAT removal. It also includes the removal of the speed limit for motorsport use and in manual cars the rev limit is extended to 7150rpm.
Please note this product is a software upgrade specific to your bluefin model. You will be required to supply a serial number of your bluefin prior to software dispatch.

Bluefin allows you to install a Superchips remap yourself

No mechanical or technical skills required.

To have a Superchips remap installed

simply locate a dealer of your choice and contact them to book an appointment.

Sarjeet B
Buckinghamshire, U.K

30th August, 2018
Thank you SUPERCHIPS & Graham. You are the only ones who could remap my car (HONDA GT TYPE R 2017). It now handles and drives like a supercar. I am lost for words. It's amazing what you have done to my car with your remapping. The extra BHP and torque is a dream come true. You did exactly what you said you could do for me. Those people out there who cannot find a company to remap your car.....Look no further... GO TO SUPERCHIPS.

Jack B
Cardiff, UK

29th January, 2014
Having been using the remap on my Renault Clio 200 for the last few months and driven over a 1000 miles, i would just like to thank you guys on such a superb job   read more...

Andy C
Lancashire, UK

4th May, 2017
I have just used the bluefin on my BMW 320d M sport touring and have to say the improvement is phenomenal. Both I and a friend drove the car before and immediately after installing the new ecu map. We were both blown away by the obvious increase in power. I haven't felt that sort of exhilaration driving a car since I owned an Impreza several years ago....but that didn't return 47mpg!!! Best bang for buck upgrade bar none!!!

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From 2001 until 2012 Superchips Ltd, was the "Official Tuning Partner" for Volkswagen Racing UK. The role involved custom remapping of all of VW Racing UK's competing cars, to boost engine power and torque within the strictly defined limits of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. Our many years of testing and developing have enabled us to produce outstanding conversions for your road going vehicle.
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