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Ford Fiesta II 1.0T EcoBoost (140PS)

2017 onwards

Engine type : Turbocharged Petrol
Engine size : 999 cm3
Euro status : EURO6/6.2
Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.
Horse Power138 bhp24 bhp
Torque180 nm52 nm

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Price: £399**UK prices inc. VAT

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Mikkel M
Aarhus, Denmark

5th February, 2019
Hi guys! Just wanted to throw a big thumbs up your way. My Ford Fiesta MK8 140PS 1.0T is performing way ahead of how it used to perform. I'm getting smoother acceleration, slightly faster/better feeling throttle response and overall much more power in low-mid RPM's and higher gears than ever before.

Thank you so much. This was as easy as i hoped it would be to install. The end result.. Couldn't be happier! My little Fiesta truly feels great to drive now.

Tony M
Kent, UK

17th April, 2013
My car feels a million times better with the superchips map, I'd previously had issues with the lower end of the 1.4T gear ranges, the car pulls and pulls and pulls now and the throttle response is awesome   read more...

United Kingdom

6th April, 2017
2016 1.0 125ps ecoboost Ford Focus - Am I glad I did, this re-map is what Ford should have done in the first place! in that mid range area, what a treat, so much more more torque and a noticable difference in power right through the rev range ! No more lack of power when trying to hold a high gear, there is a noticable kick even from40mph n top gear. Thanks to Superchips, i'm converted and will recommend you to others!   read more...

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